Our savings accounts

You could make your money grow through our current range of savings accounts

If you bank with us, you could open an account online in minutes.

Start saving with as little as £1 through our range of instant-access savings accounts.

  • Access to your money online, on your mobile, in person or over the phone1

Savings accounts

Here are the accounts you can currently open – compare them to find one that’s right for you.?You may find that previous savings accounts have different interest rates.

Savings accounts

Rate % AER/gross per year2

£ minimum opening

Accessing your money

Everyday Saver

0.25% (£1 to £49,999)

0.30% (£50,000 to £10 million)


Anytime, withdraw if you need to1

Blue Rewards Saver

For Barclays Blue Rewards members only

0.10% AER/0.10%

In months with one or more withdrawals

0.50% AER/0.50%

In months with no withdrawals


Occasional, withdraw if you need to (the lower interest rate applies)1

Children’s Instant Saver


Save for a child under 18

2.02% AER /2.00% (1 - £10,000)

0.30% (£10,000+)
Interest rates are banded. This means that you'll earn 2% interest on the first £10,000 of your balance and 0.30% on the additional balance over £10,000.


Anytime, withdraw if you need to1

Children’s Regular Saver


Save for a child under 16

1.51% AER /1.50%

For months with 1 or more withdrawals


3.50% AER /3.45%

For months with no withdrawals

Save between £5-£100 per month by standing order over a 12 month term

Occasional, withdraw if you need to (the lower interest rate applies)1

More ways to save

If these savings accounts aren't what you’re looking for, we have other options for you to consider.


Help your savings soar

Make the most of your 2019/20 tax-free ISA allowance. Pay into your existing cash ISA – or open a new one today with as little as £1.

Savings bonds

Put your money away for a fixed rate of return

If you’re serious about saving, you can lock your money in one of our bonds, and know exactly what interest it’ll earn.


Children’s Instant Saver

Start saving for their future today

Set aside savings for your children – as much as you want, whenever you want.