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We love what we do - providing great food and support services to millions of people around the world, every day.

Food is our core competence. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with a wide range of innovative dining solutions. Corporate Responsibility is a cornerstone of our commitment to provide the highest quality service to our customers. 


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5.5 billion

Icon_Number-of-meals-per-year Number of meals served per year


A summary of our business model, financial highlights and the framework we use to drive performance across the Group.



We provide food and support services across five market sectors.

We get close to clients and consumers by sectorising and sub-sectorising our business, allowing us to deliver bespoke, innovative and cost effective solutions to meet their unique needs and create maximum mutual value. 

We bring employees together to share delicious well balanced food at thousands of companies around the world.

We are specialists in enabling hospitals and senior living facilities unleash the power of food to heal, soothe and energise.

From kindergarten to colleges and universities, we provide innovative, nutritious dining solutions that help support academic achievement at the highest levels.

In selected markets, we have unparalleled experience in providing food and hospitality services at some of the world’s most prestigious venues.

With our Safety First culture as the foundation of all that we do, we deliver healthy, nutritious food as well as lifestyle and support services.

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We have global reach, operating in around 45 countries.

For our clients, we unlock the full benefits of food service outsourcing. Our scale is a benefit in food procurement, labour management and back office costs. It underpins our competitiveness and enables us to deliver sustainable growth over time.